Cardio First Angel

Heart attack first aid: What to do?
is here to help YOU


Imagine, you are walking on the street in a shopping mall and suddenly someone nearby collapses and falls on the ground. What do you do? Panic, rush to help him or stay still not knowing what to do? Most people will do nothing, because they are afraid to touch someone strange, have no knowledge what to do or afraid that they might do something wrong.

What if this happens to someone close to you, your mother, father, husband, wife or any of your relatives?  Do they have chest discomfort or pain, Stomach pain, are they short of breath, Sweating, do they have nausea or are they vomiting?

Most heart attacks begin with subtle symptoms, but they may not have any of these, they may just collapse.  Remember, this can even happen to you. So, what do you do?
The worst thing you can do is nothing.

How can you HELP to save their life, when the Cardiac Arrest Suddenly happens in your family, to your friends...?

The First Thing you need to do is to find out if the patient is breathing.  
If not, Call 000 immediately.

Time is Running Out The time starts ticking fast and every second counts.

The next 15 minutes is critical to supply oxygen to
the patient's brain with the indirect heart massage.
This helps to prevent long-term damage.

Within 15 minutes Ambulance with paramedics arrives
and they will take over.

Each year, around 55,000 Australians suffer a heart attack. This equates to one heart attack every 10 minutes. Heart attack claimed 9,286 lives in 2012, or on average, 26 each day. This is the most common cause of this phenomenon in the adult heart disease - 82.4%.

All laypeople regardless the fact, if they have been trained in First Aid or not, should be able to carry out the indirect heart massage.

In case of the cardiac arrest every second counts. Inadequate oxygenation of the body leads to damage which is irreversible unless cardiac activity is restored in time. Properly performed cardiac massage significantly improves the prognosis of surviving.

Common doubts of the lay rescuer:

  • Do I massage properly?
  • Do I compresses in the right place and strongly enough?
  • Fear of mistakes and ignorance.
  • Fear of personal contact with the patient.
Cardio First Angel
Cardio First Angel
is here to help YOU

The Cardio First Angel should help reduce and dismantle these concerns. The rescuer will have greater certainty during revival. Feedback from Cardio First Angel decreases the reluctance to assist by 90%.

  You don’t have to worry about:
- not knowing what to do (Instructions are on CFA)
- making a mistake
- touching another person’s body
CPR help 1 Open up a shirt to expose patient's body.
CPR help 2

Place Cardio First Angel on the lower third of the patient's breastbone.

CPR help 3 Lay your hands on the pressure application area (Red Button) of the Cardio First Angel. Pressure firmly that you hear the clicking sound and immediately release pressure so you hear the second sound (Click, clack)
A precise Heart Massage helps to stabilize the patient and
supply of Oxygen to the brain until the arrival of an ambulance.
Helps to prevent long-term damage.

Additional benefits:

  • Easy operation
  • Always immediately in standby mode
  • Its size and low weight (only 130 grams) allows it to be with you everywhere (car, office, home, holiday)
  • Cardio First Angel should be in every household like a fire extinguisher and be part of the First Aid Kit.
To have peace in your mind in case of the critical emergency when the Cardiac Arrest Suddenly happens in your family, to your friends...
you can HELP to save their life!
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Australian TGA REgistration: No: 231874

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