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Welcome to our Links and Resources Directory.

Here you will find information and links in regards to the safety, health, first aid, hospitals, surf clubs and similar subjects.

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Below are Emergency Links in all States,
which can be helpful:

Australian Federal Police – http://www.afp.gov.au/
Emergency Management Australia – http://www.em.gov.au/

Australian Capital Territory
Police Service – http://www.afp.gov.au/
Ambulance Service – http://esa.act.gov.au/actas/
Fire Service – http://esa.act.gov.au/actfr/

New South Wales
Police Service – http://www.police.nsw.gov.au/
Ambulance Service – http://www.ambulance.nsw.gov.au/
Fire Brigade – http://www.nswfb.nsw.gov.au/
Rurual Fire Service – http://www.bushfire.nsw.gov.au/main.htm

Northern Territory
Police, Fire and Emergency Services – http://www.nt.gov.au/pfes/
Bush Fires Council of the Northern Territory – http://www.nt.gov.au/bfc/

Police Service – http://www.police.qld.gov.au/
Ambulance Service – http://www.ambulance.qld.gov.au/
Fire & Rescue Authority – http://www.fire.qld.gov.au/
Department of Emergency Services – http://www.emergency.qld.gov.au/

South Australia
Police Service – http://www.sapolice.sa.gov.au/index.html
Ambulance Service – http://www.saambulance.com.au/
Metropolitan Fire Service – http://www.samfs.sa.gov.au/
State Emergency Service – SA_State_Emergency_Service
Country Fire Service – http://www.cfs.org.au/
St John Ambulance Service – http://www.stjohnsa.com.au/

Police Department – http://www.police.tas.gov.au/
Fire Service – http://www.fire.tas.gov.au/
State Emergency Service – http://www.ses.tas.gov.au/

Police Service – http://www.police.vic.gov.au/
Fire Service – http://www.mfb.vic.gov.au/
Ambulance Service – http://www.ambulance-vic.com.au/
State Emergency Service – http://www.ses.vic.gov.au/
St John Ambulance Service – http://www.sjaa.com.au/

Western Australia
Police Service – http://www.police.wa.gov.au
Fire & Emergency Services Authority – http://www.fesa.wa.gov.au/
St John Ambulance Service – http://www.ambulance.net.au/

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