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How to use CFA

How to use Cardio First Angel in CPR Resuscitation

The Cardio First Angel (CFA) is very easy to use. Cardio First Angel is designed to be used by any non-professional to be able to help quick and effective in case of a heart attack or a cardiac arrest.

First Call for Emergency Services (000)

The Cardio First Angel (CFA) provides feedback on:

1 – Compression of the chest
2 – Depth of the Compression
3 – Frequency of the Compressions

The Cardio First Angel to be used in case that patient is:

– not breathing normally
– has no sign of circulation
– is unconscious

1 – Open up a shirt to expose patient’s body
2 – Place CFA in the centre of bare chest
3 – Make sure that the rigid tip of CFA is lined up
where rigs meet in the centre of the rib age.
4 – Push down the large red button approximately 5cm (you will hear “Click”)
5 – immediately let go (you will hear “Ckack”)
6 – Push down again in a frequency of 100 Compressions per minute
(For the Australian Regulations there are 30 Chest compressions + 2 Rescue Breaths)


 To Summarise:

Start the Resuscitation immediately, even if you don’t find CFA
Press down the chest 5cm
Make sure that you hear Click – Clack in case you use CFA
Make minimum 100 Compressions per minute

Continue in CPR Resuscitation till ambulance arrives

Watch the above video for simple demonstration.

You can order your Cardio First Angel here

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