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CFA – References

The Cardio First Angel – References

Prof. Dr. Christian Hagl

Prof. Dr. Christian Hagl

The Cardio First Angel was developed in cooperation with the cardiologist Prof. Dr. Christian Hagl, who is the head of heart surgery and polyclinic of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Medical Centre, the Inotech Group and EGO Zlin.

The Cardio First Angel (CFA) is a feedback-system for laymen, for anyone to enable fast and effective action in situation of the cardiac arrest or a heart attack.

The CFA having a compact dimension as well as the very low weight enables it to be taken up in all places (backpack, vehicle, workplace, home etc.).  A self-explaining and easily easy to understand guide by using drawing symbols is actually displayed on the press button.

The CFA helps laymen in every elements of concern. The unit sets between the first aider and the person then reduces worry of personal contact. The location aid assures the ideal place on the chest as well as a loud and distinct click-sound indicates if the correct amount of force is obtained to press the chest 50-60 mm deep. In addition it is displayed on the unit that a rate of 100-120 compressions a minute needs to be obtained.

The CFA unit operates solely mechanical – with no battery or another power source – has a durable structure, does not have to be maintained and it is available to use anytime, for every person from 16  years.

Cardio First Angel – Demonstration & Statement by Prof. Dr. Christian Hagl

 Declaration of Product Conformity

It is a medical device and is therefore in compliance with all technical requirements, which are set for a medical device.

The device complies with the following standards:

 ARTG No: 231874  Cardio First Angel is a Class 1 Medical Device Registered with TGA
 93/42/EWG  The Medical Devices
 DIN EN ISO 15223-1  Medical Devices – Symbols for labels, labeling and information to be provided with
medical devices
 DIN EN ISO 10993-10  Biological evaluation of medical devices
 DIN EN 62366  Medical Devices – Application of usability assessment for medical devices.
 CE  The Cardio First Angel is CE-Certified
 Hourglass  Can be used by (use by date)
Cardio First Angel is a Class 1 Medical Device
DIMDI DE/CA64/128442/01, GMDN 60841

 The Cardio First Angel  is  CE-Certified and is Patented World Wide


Therapeutic Goods Certificate

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Chemical_Analysis_of_the_Cardio_First_AngelChemical Analysis of the Cardio First Angel (download as PDF)

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