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Do You Know How to Perform CPR Without Prior Knowledge?

Do You Know How to Perform CPR
Without Prior Knowledge?

CPR triples the rate of survival. Cardio First Angel (CFA)  is for use by any Layman in critical 15 minutes before an ambulance arrives. This saves Lives. The longer a patient’s brain is deprived of Oxygen, the greater the irreversible damage caused. The first 15 minutes are critical to properly perform Cardiac Massage. When you have a heart attack happens, you often don’t know what is happening to you.

The early moments after having a heart attack are crucial and essential. Just a precise heart massage can help to save the person, protects his stability till the ambulance arrive and helps prevent long-term damage. However, to provide an efficient heart massage is – specifically for an inexperienced person providing first aid a huge and difficult task. The best place where to put your hand, how often and how hard to push?

All laypeople regardless the fact, if they have been trained in First Aid or not, should be able to carry out the indirect heart massage. High-quality Cardiac Massage remains a key procedure and is strongly emphasized.
Cardiac_Massage_by_Age_GroupThe Cardio First Angel removes specifically all these worries, therefore everybody can provide a competent heart massage – each time…
More  information how to get Cardio First Angel

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