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Cardio First Angel Accessories

Cardio First Angel Accessories

A great number of cardiac arrests around 60-80% occur in the home. Approximately 6%-9% cardiac arrests take place of away from hospital, in offices, production facilities or work environments. Numerous cardiac arrests are un-witnessed while others witnessed, where a someone collapses all of a sudden with other persons around.

If the heart attack is un-witnessed and it is discovered, it is very important begin CPR first after that call for help. This is because you don’t know, just how long a patient’s brain has been deprived of Oxygen and it is crucial to start this supply Immediately.

There exists evidence that away from hospital in case a cardiac arrest occurs, CPR doubles or triples the rate of survival. It’s estimated that survival from heart attack decreases by 3-4% each minute with CPR and by 10%-12% for each minute without having CPR. CPR buys time.

The effective use of Cardio First Angel will help to increase the recovery rate of Lay Rescuers. It removes the negative outcomes caused by: panic, lack of experience, ignorance or training by illustrating the correct resuscitation procedure. In case of an emergency, CFA would ideally be part of every First Aid Kit or Household – much like a Fire Extinguisher. It is small enough to be kept in the car or in a backpack.
CFA on the wallIn workplaces, offices or public facilities with the high possibility of the cardiac arrests to take place, it is essential for Cardio First Angel to be highly visible.

Cardio First Angel can be placed a hard plastic cover for example on the wall close to doorway or any similar location which has a high visibility.


CFA Cover

It is possible to invest in a hard plastic cover designed for this purpose, which is offered for sale separately.


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