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Cardio First Angel – Demonstration CPR

Cardio First Angel – Demonstration

Cardio First Angel – Demonstration & Statement by Prof. Dr. Christian Hagl

Perfect applicability

The Cardio First Angel will be constantly on standby. Purely mechanically with no battery or even electricity. The usefulness is displayed in simple as well as worldwide understandable symbols.

Perfect placement

The precise model of the Cardio First Angel makes certain the proper placement on a person’s chest, to ensure the heart massage performs just where it is necessary. A particular foam makes a gentle contact area plus soaks sudor.

Perfect focus

A particular spring signalize an ideal force of 41 kg having a distinct click-sound. The click-sound is additionally heard from the subsequent relieve of the spring. When the first aid person is focusing on both of these click-sounds he’s going to immediately achieve the necessary rate of approximately 100 compressions per minute.

Possibilities of use:

The application of CFA is wide. In the integrated rescue system – fire, police, ambulance, paramedics and other units such as: mining, mountain rescuers, water rescue, beach patrol,workplaces and many others.

Cardio First Angel  can also be used as a teaching aid for example:

  • Courses in First Aid,
  • Teaching in schools.
  • Teaching: police, mountain rescuers, beach patrol, water rescue
  • Training: paramedics, lifeguards, fire-fighters.

In terms of frequency of sudden cardiac arrest are at high-risk sites considered international airports, railway stations, prisons, shopping malls, sports facilities and golf courses, large industrial facilities, retirement homes, schools, spa, social care, to name a few.

These are just a few examples where Cardio First Angel can provide useful service and help to save lives.
Cardio First Angel is Registered with TGA and available in Australia

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