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FEELINGOOOD - helping with CPR

FEELINGOOOD – helping with CPR

About Us
We have been in the “brick and mortar” business since 1977 and in “online” business since 1999. We have a network of specific websites devoted to the individual subject or theme. Therefore you as a customer will be able easily find the information you are looking for without being distracted by something which would only interrupts your concentration and has nothing to do with  the object of your desire as it is on most websites.

This website is devoted only to Cardio First Angel product. With Cardio First Angel a precise heart massage can help to save the person, protect his stability till the ambulance arrive and help prevent long-term damage. The Cardio First Angel was tested in the Hamburg Polyclinic by the Head emergency doctor who attested to its great results and functionality. The Cardio First Angel was developed in cooperation with the cardiologist Prof. Dr. Christian Hagl, who is the head of heart surgery. The Cardio First Angel is made in Germany (NOT China).

6 Jun 2012 Statistics – In Australia with a population of 21.6 million there are about 23,000 – 33,000 cardiac arrests per  year or about 60-90 per day.

We are the exclusive importers and distributors of Cardio First Angel in Australasia and Oceania.

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