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Do you know What is a Heart Attack?

Do you know What is a heart attack?

Now that you have seen what a heart attack is, there are some of the symptoms, which can help you to recognize some warning signs:

  1. Shortness of breathing along with or perhaps without having chest pain.
  2. Aches and pains throughout other regions of the top part of your body. Warning signs may include aching or pain in left, right or both arms, the neck, backside, stomach or jaw.
  3. Chest pain or Upper body discomfort. The majority of heart attacks include discomfort in the middle of the chest area which lasts in excess of a couple of minutes, or even that goes away and then comes back. It may seem like uneasy tension, squeezing or pain.
  4. Additional symptoms can include breaking out in a cold perspiration, nausea or lightheartedness.

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